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Recruitment software with a human touch

Choosing us is about more than technology, it's about choosing a partner that will learn your industry and the dynamics of your labour market to relentlessly improve how you recruit... no other company does this.

Building a recruitment website is hard. And most companies don’t do it very well.

Recruitment websites should inspire your next generation of hires. But usually they fall flat.

For agencies its extra hard because they’re dealing with two audiences, clients and candidates.

For employers, it’s difficult because they have to provide a smooth, seamless experience that can compete with the one click apply services like Indeed. Otherwise the candidates won’t convert from visitor to applicant.

It’s a big problem. That means recruitment website designers can charge a huge amount to solve it.

Until now.

Recsite has studied recruitment websites for more than 15 years now. We know what it takes to build successful ones. And we can deliver this integrated functionality completely out-the-box, all for a low monthly subscription.

Save yourself the huge cost and hassle of building a bespoke website yourself.


We don’t dream up solutions for fantasy world problems.

We talk to our clients regularly, and most importantly we listen.

There are many solutions out there which promise grand solutions to worldly problems, but have they been built from the ground up or dreamt up in a VC boardroom somewhere?We do the un-glamorous stuff and we do it well.

It’s about listening to those small problems that take up a lot of time, and then coming up with solutions which might sound granular and mundane to some but for those who face those issues every day these solutions make their lives easier… and better.

“Candidate experience comes first.”

Bland career pages, excessive corporate jargon and job descriptions that neither explain nor inspire. Job sites that generate high volume, low quality applications. Algorithms that pick out the safe bets who won’t ruffle feathers. Not even a polite rejection is the reward for most applicants.

The whole industry is completely out of whack. Finding talent that fits is expensive and time-consuming – yet it really shouldn’t be. Despite the boom in apps and platforms the recruitment function still doesn’t add up. AI can offer insight but it can’t replace the human. The continued growth of search and selection agencies proves this, and all power to them. For many growing companies, however, retaining agents for all hires is just too expensive to be sustainable.

“Recsite is hiring software with a human touch.”

The truth is that hiring software alone a recruitment campaign does not make. Technology is only as good as the people who are implementing it. Recsite is recruitment tech with a human touch. You will always have a direct line to your success manager. We think of technology as the hands of the recruitment process, but the brains are the people who are involved. Recsite success managers work across HR teams, recruitment agents, referrers and publishers to add value to each layer. We design and deliver recruitment campaigns that work well from the start and get better and better.

Never has omni-channel been more important for growth companies. If you’re appearing on just one site you’re battling your competitors in the same generic pool of candidates, you can do better than that. And we can help you.

What if we could build candidate experiences that were as unique as your company? What if recruitment marketing reflected the true nature of work so that it attracted staff that actually wanted to work there, while also offering a seamless apply process?

“Stop everything you’re doing and start building a true recruitment process.”

When he felt his writing was lacking authenticity, Ernest Hemingway would throw away all the pages and focus on writing just one true sentence. The rest would flow from there.

I think the same applies to recruiting online. Stop everything you’re doing, and start building a true recruitment process. What if you began your next job advert with one true sentence? “We know not all jobs are perfect, and this one certainly isn’t. But it has it’s perks; good friends, a living wage and an opportunity to step-up.” 

A recruitment campaign powered by Recsite can take many forms: A dedicated recruitment or careers website, a progressive web app targeting GenZ candidates or an interactive quiz on social media. We work closely with major job sites like Indeed and Ziprecruiter to deliver native ads that work better for your buck.

“For us, diversity and inclusion are hard-coded.”

There are many moving parts to a successful recruitment campaign, from user adoption within your organisation to securing advertising channels that deliver the right audience.

We understand that your perfect hire could come from a variety of backgrounds, referral sources and locations. For us, diversity and inclusion are hard-coded. We reward clients who recruit broadly and communicate well with their candidates. Each applicant who is rejected with a reason given earns the client a credit against future services. We do this not just because it’s right but because it makes business sense. A team that looks the same, thinks the same and acts the same is not as strong as it could be.

“Our secret sauce is that we understand the whole picture. True recruitment takes honesty and it takes guts.”

We know sometimes people apply and they’re not ready for right now, but they could be right in a few years later. How do we keep in touch? How do we stay engaged?

Our secret sauce is that we understand the whole picture. True recruitment takes honesty and it takes guts. It needs all moving parts to be working in tandem. The tech stack is only as good as the content, the process only as good as the people, the candidate only as good as the fit.

So, let’s start building a true recruitment process.

Join today.