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Career websites that pro-actively seek and convert talent

A company careers page isn’t just a digital space, it’s a 24/7 recruitment ally, tirelessly seeking the perfect talent day and night

Done right, a careers website can be a magnetic force attracting the right candidates while filtering out the not-so-fitting ones.

Not only that but a careers website should become the hub for all recruitment activity helping to diversify and strengthen talent pipelines.

Crafting this powerhouse careers page involves some key elements. It starts with content (videos, photos, and the genuine voices of your employees) and ends with a trusted candidate experience that connects job listings, search and an intuitive apply process. Authenticity is the golden rule here; honesty and transparency make the hiring process smoother, benefiting both candidates and recruiters. It may take a bit of effort, but the payoff is immense.

“64% of job seekers consider a careers website the most valuable resource when embarking on their job search journey.”

CoachUSA transforms nationwide staffing with connected careers website and software

This national transport company began using Recsite to recruit drivers nationwide and quickly solved operational issues caused by driver shortages.

Power your Careers Website with our candidate experience stack

From only £49 per month

Smart CV Parsing

Register candidates or Upload CVs in less than a minute.

Online apply process

Every candidate, every application. Registered on your Recsite

Self-service candidate portal

Offer your candidates and staff a personalised experience.

Superfast CV Registration

The Recsite CV Parsing wizard extracts all relevant data into a multi-step experience the candidate controls.

Chatbots and Forms

Let candidate's register and apply for jobs without leaving their platform of choice

Advanced job search features

Let candidates browse, search and apply for jobs seamlessly

Branded Careers Page

Candidate experiences that flow seamlessly from your existing websites.

Multi-user login

Personalized experiences for HR, Candidates, Recruiters and Managers

Dynamic Job Pages

High-converting dynamic pages for jobs by sector, location and featured.

To make sure your careers page shines, you’ve got to make it discoverable. ..

Search engine optimization (SEO) magic will boost organic visibility while a unified approach to job advertising ensures a broader range of applicants.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, captivating your visitors is paramount. Compelling headlines, striking imagery, and informative videos are your secret weapons, given most folks’ short attention spans. Now, let’s talk about targeting the right talent. Your careers page should be tailor-made for your ideal candidates. Design, content, and functionality should communicate your authentic employer value proposition. This means keeping it real, not dressing up job roles to be something they are not.

Keeping things straightforward is key; user-friendly job search features let candidates quickly find the perfect position in their preferred location and industry. Multi-step registration processes and time-saving tools like CV parsing and Quick Apply buttons show candidates you’re connected, and their applications won’t vanish into thin air. Incorporating recruitment software takes your hiring game to the next level. A candidate portal streamlines applications, interview scheduling, and document management.

And don’t forget mobile-friendliness; 89% of job seekers rely on their mobile devices for job hunting.

Ensuring your page shines on mobile screens is essential for attracting and retaining top talent.

Your careers page is more than a webpage; it’s a strategic asset in the brave new world of work. Investing time and effort in crafting an engaging, informative, and interactive page is your ticket to building a sustainable talent pipeline and attracting the right talent to your organization.

Connect the dots across all your recruitment

From only £49 per month

Recruitment Website Design

Custom, seamless or templated recruitment websites and apps

Recruiting software & ATS

Track and hire candidates quickly and efficiently from anywhere

Job advert distribution

Autoposting and one-click job advertising for greater diversity

With Recsite you're in good company

Recsite’s candidate experience suite encourages candidates to complete their full work history and preferences. The real game changer is that our HR team are able to augment candidate profiles as they learn more about them and nudge them through the process.

UCL Partners

UCL Partners

Recruitment Manager

Recsite provided a service that delivered the website we had envisaged; on time, on budget and on brief. The after care service has also been superb. They are quick to respond to our questions and offer clear and concise advice and solutions when requested. Our expectations have been exceeded.

Dutch Consulting

ATOM continues to be impressed by the quality of service and products provided by Recsite. I have never felt that anything I have asked for is too much trouble and they are always able to take my, sometimes rough ideas, and run with them, and add value. I recommend Recsite as we could not have got this far without their support and guidance.

ATOM Education

What Recsite does very well is mesh in and integrate with our existing website and corporate image.

Patty and Bun

Patty and Bun

Head of Operations