All applications for jobs are stored on Recsite. You can view a total list of applications or view a shortlist for each job.

You can also give them a star-rating, update their application status and log engagements.

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You can click on the applicants name to view their application profile. If you are viewing an application you will see the application status box visible.

This tells you that you are looking at a job application page rather than just a candidate's general profile.


The candidate profile contains a lot of info on the candidate that includes their chosen job preferences, any additional files uploaded and parsed data from their CV Resume file.


You can create a custom workflow of application statuses which you can then move applicants through.

You can update an applicants stage in the application box on the applicant's profile.


You can reject an applicant using the text link on their profile. This will prompt you to choose a Rejection Reason and if you want to inform the candidate of rejection via email.

You can also reject applicants in bulk from both the job shortlist and the general applications list. This is useful if you are trying to tidy up a long list of applications.


You can update a candidate to "Hired" by using the Candidate Status drop-down.

This will add new workflows to the status bar allowing you to place candidate into a specific role, or un-hire them. Hired candidates appear under their own tab under candidates section.