On May 25th the new EU-wide rules about data protection come into affect. The key points within an employment context, in my view, are:

  • Candidates reserve the right to know what has happened to their personal data on or after the recruitment process
  • Regulators will respond to even a single complaint expecting a detailed breakdown of how data was managed
  • Fines can reach 4% of global revenue for breaches

Hiring problems result in cancelled services, closed stores and other operational headaches. They begin, however, with a poorly designed candidate experience, according to Recsite CEO and Founder, Oliver Gibbs.

Freshly released onto Recsite is a new tab for Hired. This shows all candidates who have their Candidate Status set to Hired.

The Hired tab has replaced Archived Candidates as the fourth tab under the Candidates section of the software. Archived candidates can now be found by filtering all candidates by the status Archived.


v1.5.2651 - Fri 26 Mar 2021 10:21:07 GMT 

Recsite Ltd today announced the release of version v1.5 of it's end-to-end recruitment platform. This minor release incorporates improvements across billing, timesheet scheduling and front-end templating. 

As part of their driver recruitment campaign our production team created a short trailer to attract potential drivers into the company.

An integrated landing page was also created to target local drivers to AllWest via the CoachUSA recruiting system.


"Work Culture isn’t a foosball table or trust falls. It isn’t policy. It isn’t the Christmas party or the company picnic. Those are objects and events, not culture. And it’s not a slogan, either. Culture is action, not words."

REWORK by Jason Fried, David Henemeir Hansson 2010

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