GDPR for Online Recruitment

On May 25th the new EU-wide rules about data protection come into affect. The key points within an employment context, in my view, are:

  • Candidates reserve the right to know what has happened to their personal data on or after the recruitment process
  • Regulators will respond to even a single complaint expecting a detailed breakdown of how data was managed
  • Fines can reach 4% of global revenue for breaches

The guidelines are still quite vague in some areas but to cut a very long story short, it’s clear that moving forward all companies will need to be able to offer candidates the right to deletion of their data and an explanation of what was done with that data (and where it is physically located).

As such, it seems very difficult to imagine a company being able to do this without a Data Protection Officer in place, or at the very least a recruiting / HR software that can provide this data and self-service candidate-facing functionality.

Full disclosure, this is pretty good news for Recsite as it ties in with many of the benefits and guidelines that we have built into our product offering, such as:

  • Candidate portal to manage data, deletion and application history
  • Recruiter-side activity tracking for communications and status updates
  • Clear, centralised storage for CV/Resume files and data protection

If you want to have a chat about the implications of GDPR for your business, just get in touch and I'd be happy to share my thoughts and ideas fo how to use GDPR to your advantage.