Can we pay yearly and get a discount?

 Yes! Yearly licenses are available at a 15% discount.

Can you help us design a recruitment website?

Ofcourse. We have a team of highly talented graphic designers and technologists who will create a design for you.


Do i need to replace my existing website?

No, Recsite can integrate with an existing site. Although the Recsite pages would be hosted separately they would be designed to match your current website. This means when a visitor clicks on the 'Careers / Work with Us' page they would appear to be on the same site.

Do we have to use your graphic designer when creating our website?

No. You can have your website designed by a 3rd party designer, or we can use your existing design. Internal recruitment pages may need to be designed based on our existing framework.


Do you offer a back-up system?

Yes. Your entire Recsite will be fully backed up every day, on-site and off-site. This means that in a worst case scenario we will be able to revert your site to the previous days version.


If we cancel our service with Recsite, will we get charged for our data?

Absolutely Not. The data and content of your Recsite belongs to you and we will provide it to you in a universal format if you decide to cancel.


Is Recsite hosted locally, or is it web-based?

Recsite is web-based and hosted centrally. This means you can access your Recsite from anywhere at any time.


Is Recsite just for recruitment agencies?

No, Recsite can be used by any company or entity who needs to recruit.


Is there a set-up cost?

You can get a Recsite up and running without paying a set-up cost. However, if you want to customize your website (with unique URL etc) then there are set-up costs payable. These will be costed based on integration time, which is different to development time which would be much longer.


Where will my Recsite be hosted?

Your Recsite will be hosted by one of the UK's leading,most secure data centre.


Why should we use Recsite over your competitors?

We believe the main advantages of Recsite are ease of use, reliability and customer services. We are looking to build a long term relationship with you as a client and this requires communication and integrity.


Will i be charged for the upgrades to my Recsite?

Improvements to the software and website systems will automatically be added to your Recsite for NO charge. There may be a charge for optional new features and custom changes.


Will my Recsite be upgraded automatically?

Your Recsite will be connected to a central framework which powers the enhanced recruitment functions. As this interface is improved, the changes will be provided across all clients websites.


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