As part of our HotTech100 series, we popped in to see Recsite's CEO Oliver Gibbs in Clerkenwell. Oliver gave us some useful insight into the product and how it helps growing companies recruit and retain more effectively. We also get a sneak preview of the new Recsite version which is lighter, faster and more automated.

Recsite is a self-financing, independent new kid on the recruitment block. If Wordpress & Monster Jobs had a child, it would be Recsite - the cheeky upstart of the online recruitment family. Founder Oliver Gibbs is on a mission to disrupt the recruitment sector by focusing on the candidates and ridding the world of ugly career pages.

Today, we’re really happy to announce the release of Recsite’s new version. We’re even prouder of how we got here, with great clients, an awesome team and a lot of Benugo coffee. We’ve really listened to our clients over the last 18 months and the new version is faster, lighter and even more intuitive - we’ve really been obsessive about removing points of friction in the recruitment process.

"I wanted to start by saying I really like the new version. Speed, navigation, layout, additional info/details are all improved/helpful so thanks for your efforts!”

John, ECC Teach in Japan

We’re immensely proud to have a loyal and diverse client base spanning Europe, Asia and the Americas. It’s a big part of the Recsite vision that our technology be available to companies of all sizes, that way Candidates benefit with improved online experiences. On that note we’re delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Recruit’ package - a freemium plan that allows companies to instantly activate a Recsite-branded system for free.

With the launch of Recsite’s new version there really is no excuse for companies to have static and broken Career pages. Watch a 4 minute overview on the product here, or visit and Get Started for Free.

Oliver Gibbs
Founder, Recsite

Transport and logistics firms can benefit from automated and integrated hiring. Steady supply of key driving personnel, pre-approved and ready to roll, can cause major headaches, Recsite now offers an easier route to better recruitment. Our client CoachUSA has benefitted from the automated and integrated hiring of a Recsite system powering their recruiting brand website at


We've been very, very busy over the last few months putting the final touches to the new Recsite version. As someone famous once said, 'The details are not the details, the details are the design'. If you are a client or partner please get in touch for an advance preview.


A brief overview of the Recsite Hiring Platform - the best minute you'll spend all week!

With growing numbers of job candidates, and some genuine talent out there, robust and thorough selection is paramount. The pressure is on to have a highly efficient talent management process in place. So how does one select the best talent from the mass of applicants whilst also delivering an engaging candidate experience which enhances your employer brand?

Bedouin-Style Meeting Rooms at AirBnB

Positive employee environments, a human touch and morale-boosting office perks are the points that can help win the fight for talent. Once you have achieved all this, your employer brand can shine like a beacon out on a world of talent. A strong employer brand can be your PR machine working constantly to attract your target group through personalised and powerful content.

It is impossible to under-estimate the importance of an effective recruitment website: Corporate career websites are a cost-effective source of candidates for HR departments, often introducing the most and pro-active and valuable applicants.  Similarly, agencies and other recruitment brands build their recruitment strategy around their online offering. 

Oh, did the mobile revolution finally arrive?

With on average 30% of web visits being mobile, if your recruitment website is not responsive, you're missing out on talent.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix - responsive web design is a philosophy that must be adhered to create recruitment websites that are multi-platform and future-proof. Whether you are an employer looking for a careers portal or an agency looking for a total re-brand, Recsite has the in-house design team to help you realise your vision:

Stunning new responsive recruitment website launched for The Fix Creative

  • Create a website that automatically adapts to screen size
  • In-house team of graphic designers, copywriters and developers
  • Mobile application methods such as Upload CV from Dropbox and GDrive

Bad candidate experiences can do more harm than good to the image of your company. When candidates have a bad experience, it can ward off good candidates, and most importantly, it can harm the employer brand. The candidate experience begins at the very first click. It starts at the home page or job board. Emails exchanged, interviews conducted, phone calls exchanged, are all steps in the candidate experience. When recruiters are thoughtful about each step that the candidate takes, it creates a positive experience.

The web is now the primary source of job and career information for candidates. Employers also use it as their first port of call when researching recruitment and staffing solutions. There are millions of job searches online each month across the globe and its more important than ever for every recruiter to have an effective recruitment website. The best recruitment websites are quick and easy to use, visible in search engines and encourage brand loyalty. They attract candidates and customers through social media, effective site function and personalised design. A successful recruitment website must achieve three objectives: