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Positive employee environments, a human touch and morale-boosting office perks are the points that can help win the fight for talent. Once you have achieved all this, your employer brand can shine like a beacon out on a world of talent. A strong employer brand can be your PR machine working constantly to attract your target group through personalised and powerful content.


Tip 1: Build a thriving work environment

Nowadays people want to grow at work in a personal sense, not only professionally. Millenniums and younger professionals bring a new approach to the table – they expect their jobs to be exciting and, unlike the older generation, they believe that work is more than just a duty (or a pay packet).

They expect to change companies regularly in search of better conditions. Giving your employees all the necessary tools and resources for development is an investment that will pay off. In the knowledge economy, talent strategy is not a long-term bet but a matter of immediate survival. Some of the key HR practices that successful companies use are:

  1. Defining precise and measurable objectives
  2. Offering frequent evaluation of progress
  3. Presenting a human touch to everything that company does

This isn't what we mean by 'Nap Pod'

Tip 2: Do as Tech Giants Do

Tech companies do a great job managing and motivating personnel. Equity schemes where employees have an opportunity to own a stake of the business make them personally invested in company´s success. Even more than the candidates being financially invested, however, a good employer brand will lead to talent being emotionally connected. All the top Tech company’s career pages show a genuine human touch. Good job descriptions read like a conversation with a friend, often being so human and sincere that you begin to apply for jobs without even realising!

Tech firms are accustomed to using team-building tricks, Spotify has a team of 53 full-time “Talent Hunters”, however some simple tricks can be used by companies even if they are not in ‘hyper-growth’ stage. Perks such as gourmet coffee, nap pods and casual Fridays are absolutely part of the hiring DNA of tech firms. Creating and promoting perks can generate a buzz around your Employer Brand which can attract talent naturally.

Even when a company is not recruiting for specific jobs, passive talent can be attracted with the right tone of employer brand content:

“If you did not find a suitable position send your CV anyway and we will figure something out”. That is the human touch I am talking about.

Ranieri buys the Pizza when Leicester Win

Tip 3: Promote your Perks

Your employer brand can shine and attract new applicants only if you polish it by using social media, adding it to Blogs, posting videos and other talent channels. Also remember if your career page is not responsive you are arguably losing the most lucrative talent in your sector, candidates who are tech-savvy and on the move.

In terms of content, be sure to highlight the positive detail of working for your company. This helps candidates visualise working with you far better than the compensation package alone. A current sporting example of this can be found in the unlikely Premier League success of Leicester City who were 5000-1 rank outsiders for the title at the start of the season. Their Italian manager Claudio Ranieri personally bought all the players Pizza when they performed well which helped cultivate a strong team spirit. An example of human touch that is totally un-related to salary (it’s fair to say all Premier League footballer’s salaries could stretch to buying Pizza for the team). This type of human touch helps bind teams together and can be presented through a compelling Employer Brand.

Employer Branding has moved on in recent years

Tip 4: Create a Pleasant Job Application Experience

You can´t overestimate the importance of first impression. According to studies, 6 seconds is all the time you have to impress a prospect.

Make your career page:

  1. Responsive. Finest talent apply to jobs on the go because the majority of them are already employed. Don´t leave obstacles to them becoming a valuable asset.
  2. Stylish. High quality images and clean modern design are key to creating a positive perception towards your company.
  3. Easy to navigate. Your candidate´s will appreciate you saving their time by offering structured job search tool, featured jobs highlighting and minimising the amount of clicks required to apply.
  4. Easy to stay in touch. It can be done by using a Talent Acquisition Platform that allows people to create a profile on your career website. Give them a chance to be updated on their application process anytime they want. Find out how.
  5. Easy to apply. Who likes filling in boring endless application forms? Keep it in mind while building your job application process. Handy features like our Quick Apply function streamline the applicant´s experience. Alternatively, ensure your careers website offers candidates a personalised experience so they can apply for multiple jobs without having to re-register each time. 

Tip 5: Leverage Software Automation

Good Talent Management software will save your HR managers precious time allowing them to improve your talent acquisition and retention delivery. Make their life easier and ask them for creative talent management solutions.

  1. Identify processes that  can be automated (posting jobs as to external sites, organising candidate availabiltyetc.)
  2. Find a Talent Acquisition Platform that solves multiple problems at the same time and go with it. Find out if ours could be of any help

Getting started with an overhaul of an Employer Brand can be a daunting task. However, the core principles are quite simple and if you begin with these steps you will find your company punching above it’s weight in the fight for talent. Just look at Leicester City.

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