At its core, an employer brand is about how employees and investors feel about the company they are part of. 

A positive employer brand can enhance a business’ reputation as an employer of choice but can also impact sales of goods and services.


It is through the nurturing of talent that a great employer brand is forged, and by far the main advantage is in enhancing recruitment, retention and workforce productivity.

Making your staff members feel valued is what nurturing talent is all about. Once you have implemented a strategy for making your talented staff members feel valued, you’ll find that you’ve solved most of the “employer brand” puzzle.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business owner, you’ll benefit from creating incentives that motivate and reward staff, such as cash bonuses, Employee of the Month programs, perks in the workplace (free gourmet coffee, perhaps, and/or casual Fridays) and “promoting from within” initiatives. 

In addition, if you currently utilize recruitment agencies in order to find candidates, you may notice that you need to do so less and less as your employer brand grows more powerful. Talent may start coming to you, which means that you won’t need to pay an agency in order to keep your company staffed with the right people.


Set Up a User-friendly Careers Web Page

Simplicity is really the key to a Careers Web Page that supports a stronger employer brand. People who come to your official company website in order to see which job positions are available want a clean, simple and user-friendly interface which leaves no questions unanswered. People want to see live job postings right away and that’s what you should spotlight.

One of our key clients has two landing pages for distinct brands ( and but with a shared Hiring system.

Other companies may want to split landing pages for more relevant sector-specific hiring. For example, those who wish to work in the field of customer service may have their own web page with job postings, while other types of candidates may visit other web pages in order to find their preferred types of job postings. 

About Recsite

Recsite is a favourite of business professionals who wish to “power up” their career websites. It features an innovative system that profiles and matches candidates with job listings.

To find out more about Recsite, be sure to visit the official Recsite website today.





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