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We will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to take our product to the next level. If you want to shape the future of Recsite, please enter your email address along with a non-committal indication of the level of support you are considering giving us.

Please view the latest version of the investor deck or get in touch.



What is Recsite?

A web-based recruitment system used by high growth companies

Why hasn’t it already got investment?

We feel now is the right time to move out of stealth mode and focus on hyper growth. Our experience over the last 4-5 years has also given us a clear strategy for how to invest funds for maximum ROI.

What types of customers use it?

High-turnover companies, corporate firms and recruitment agencies.

Is it a high-risk investment?

There is significant risk with any investment and we would encourage you not to invest more than you would be prepared to lose. We can demonstrate a market-ready product that already has traction but there are still many hurdles to clear to achieve the growth we expect. 

Can I forward the proposition over to a friend?

Yes, by all means.

 Yes, I'm in!






How will we use the investment?


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Growing our team

As our client base grows, we need more people to help us deliver the high standard of service we are renowned for. We also have aspirations to become the platform on which hiring interactions take place so we need to recruit more experts in building superb candidate experiences.

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Maximising our presence

Our ambition is to become the first point of call to anyone who is thinking of recruiting. Recsite will increase brand awareness along with partners who believe in a better, more authentic, recruitment journey.